Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Road to Guatemala

Tomorrow morning, Nurse Lisa and her 35 teammates leave for Guatemala. It's a week-long Christian mission to help impoverished Guatemalan women get all sorts of necessary medical care, especially related to OB/GYN needs. Lisa, with her always positive attitude, is very much looking forward to it. Me? I'm nervous, apprehensive and worried. At one of the meetings she attended, team members were told to always have $14 in cash on them at all times — that's the going rate for a life in Guatemala. They've also been told NEVER to go anywhere along ... and not to leave the hotel after dark. So you can see why me, with my easy-going, what-me-worry attitude (heavy sarcasm here!) would be concerned. But it's something Lisa felt she was called to do, and we're here backing her up 100%. I'm always proud of the work she does helping people, this just ramps it up another notch. Or as she's so fond of saying, "more jewels in your crown." Team Lisa, we look forward to your safe return.

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  1. I know you were worried but as you can see it all worked out. I love reading your blog:)